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Vapor Pens Lab

At this time Connoisseur Concentrates is choosing to leave the labware supply to the pros, and focus on our formulas. We know your going to need lab supplies. so we have supplied a list of places to go and find what you need. If you get stuck, call Nurnberg Scientific and ask for direction, they have good prices, they have been great to us and please try to support their company by doing your business with them, even if it costs an extra couple bucks. We have to support those that helped us along the way. This should get you in the right direction, as you find great deals please share them with us and we will update the page.

For all your LabWare needs:
NurnBerg Scientific

Bulk Mixing Vials:
Boro Mixing Vials

Bulk Solution Vials:
Boro Solution Vials

Large Storage Bottles, for dispensing:
Bulk Storage Bottles

Accurate Bottletop Dispensing:
Organic Bottle Top Dispensing

Pipette Pump Hand Dispenser:
Hand Dispenser

Pasteur Pipettes:
Glass Pipettes

Lab Mixing Beakers:
Boro Lab Beakers

Custom Company Stickers

More Supplies:
Measuring Supplies