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Organic Terpenes

Connoisseur Concentrates is proud to present The Solution, Organic Terpene blends. Our Organic Terpene Blends come in multiple strain profiles as well as Flavored and All Natural Flavored options. So, no matter what your tastes may be, we have The Solution for you!

terpenesThe main purpose of The Solution is to allow you to 1- buy online and 2- take your solid extracts, and transform them into a liquid without the use of Propylene Glycol (PG), Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The Solution allows you to take any extract and transform it into a liquid that can be used in any vapor pen on the market. From the popular disposable 510’s all the way up to the custom sub-ohms.

Wholesale Terpenes

Perfectly adjusting the viscosity of extracts without the use of foreign chemicals like Propylene Glycol has long been a mystery, but that’s just half the story. Many of today’s extraction and refinement processes leave you with a refined product of high potency, so refined that is has stripped out a most if not all of the Terpenes, Terpenoids, and plant resins that make up the aroma profiles we come to expect. With The Solution, you can exactly replicate and reintroduce the flavors you have lost due to your manufacturing processes.

buy extracts onlineWhat exactly is a Terpene? The answer is very complex, and unless your interested in taking a class on Organic Chemistry, we will keep it very simple. They are Aromatic Hydrocarbons, simply put, they are the molecules that primarily make up smell in Organic substances; like plants. Most substances contain many terpenes, and when the they evaporate, they blend together and create the smells we are familiar with. When they are extracted from plants and condensed, they are very similar in appearance and function to a pure alcohol, clear in appearance, strong smelling and will evaporate when left exposed.

The same profiles, such as Limonene, are found in many different plants, not just limes. The source of these extracts are a common area for misunderstanding, so we will offer a clear explanation.Let’s take Cannabis for example. We all know that cannabis contains terpenes, which are responsible for the skunky, pungent smells we all enjoy. In the industry, you will often hear terms like “Cannabis Terpenes”, “Organic Terpenes” or even “Synthetic Terpenes”. First off, there there is no such thing as Cannabis Terpenes, or Medical Marijuana Terpenes. Terpene oil is shared throughout nature, and the Limonene you find in Limes is the exact same terpene oil that you will find in Cannabis. When people refer to Cannabis Terpenes, they usually mean that the terpenes were extracted from cannabis.

High Quality Terpenes

wholesale terpenesWhen you are discussing Synthetic vs Organic, there is a significant difference. You can buy them online. When you go to buy terpenes online, it is difficult to tell if what you are buying is Synthetic or Organic. Organic terpenes are extracted from organic sources, like plants. Limonene, D-Limonene, Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene and Citronellol can be extracted from other plants like pine, lemons, hops, and oranges. Synthetic terpenes are created in a laboratory by blending chemicals together. It’s important to note that the exact same terpenes found in Cannabis are found and extracted from other plants, and can be recombined in the exact same profile as a specific strain.

It is generally accepted that the synthetic versions are not a desired product. That is why Connoisseur Concentrates only sources organic quality materials that are certified from our manufacturer. Then we have them certified by a third party independent testing facility. Our profiles are created with very exact ratios to recreate specific strains. When you look at the profile of the Cannabis plant, it can contain terpenes such as D-Limonene, Limonene, Myrcene, Eucalyptol, Citronellol, Terpineol, Citrol, Linallol, Carene, Camphene Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene and more. Every one of these ingredients must be painstakingly blended to recreate a specific strain. Futhermore, we must take into account that your existing extract already has a profile, and if you add the linalool in your extract to the linalool in The Solution, the result can be too high and overpower the mix, making it unpalatable.


All of the above components must come together to make the perfect vapor pen dilutant that tastes great, liquefies your extracts, is organic, does not separate, and creates the perfect vapor. After years of research, we have perfected it, and we present it to you as The Solution to vaping extracts.

vaper pen solutionIt does not stop there. One of the most popular extracts available is “The Clear”. Through the refining process the terpenes are lost. In order to reintroduce the terpenes and create a product that people enjoy, most manufacturers of The Clear are turning to terpene profiles. In order to create that perfect resin, you need to only add a few drops of The Solution to your extract. The same goes for Co2 extracts. The majority of Co2 manufacturers are now re-adding terpenes to their pens to add flavor and adjust viscosity. As a company, we have personally been contracted by many Co2 manufactures to create custom solutions for their Clear and vapor pen lines, and now you have access to the same components your competition does.

Buy Terpenes Online

Before you buy, whether you buy from us or online, please consider a few things. Where did they come from? We source American Terpenes created right here in the USA. They are Kosher, FDA, GRAS, Non-GMO, and not tested on animals. Do you need lab grade terpenes? Are you operating a laboratory? If this is for consumption, food grade terpenes should be the appropriate solution for you. Our wholesale program will allow you access to bulk terpenes, premixed in your favorite strain profiles.

If you are ready to take your vapor pen fluids to the next level, this is it. Don’t waste precious time and resources trying to recreate the wheel, it took us two years of doing just this to create our profiles, and this is what we do. We have performed hundreds if not thousands of experiments before finally making it perfect.

Buy Terpenes online here! Feel free to explore our product and order a sample pack. $40 is a tiny investment in your future. Whether you are just getting started or supply half the country, Connoisseur Concentrates has the products you want.